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Contact Guru

contact management for independent professionals

Contact Guru helps you maintain business connections with people you care about, stay on top of new leads and rekindle other that you might’ve forgotten about.

It also facilitates the creation of new connections with email templates you can quickly send to someone you just met at an event.

For this project, I did both the (re) Design and (re) Development of the iOS application.

Visually, I maintained the overall functionality of the prototype app, and updated it for iOS 7.

The Guru logo was also given a facelift as a bonus and I also helped with some assets and suggestions for the new landing page.

The implementation was a complete rewrite for compliance with the latest iOS code good practices and long-term maintainability.

Alex — founder of Manybots and long-time friend, was a pleasure to work with. He is also deeply invested into helping people take control of their digital selves with Privacy Buddy.

As always, there is still a lot to iterate — such as sound, animations, clarity; this version is intended to provide a minimum viable experience given the available resources.

Check it out on the App Store and Web.

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