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simple minicab booking

Kabbee is a London-based company that makes booking a minicab simple.

Kabbee doesn’t compete with local minicab companies, instead it queries them for the best quote given a user’s preference of affordability, proximity or comfort.

Given the slightly higher friction of this business model, the challenge was to compete with Uber or Hailo in terms of aesthetics and frictionless experience; increase engagement by facilitating access to habitual destinations or routes and a rewards program.

The screenshots above represent my final proposal for the initial route selection (center), rewards program intro (left), and reward details (right).

This was a great project and client to work with. Over the course of this project we went through dozens of iterations ranging from small details such as adding tiny details such as bowties to certain bees; custom controls; completely changing color schemes; prototyping animations and transitions for delight, explanation, and feedback. We started with dozens of sketches and ended up with a thorough style guide, plenty of custom assets provided in vector format for reduced application size, interactive prototypes and hundreds of screens.

Developers are hard at work implementing the new iPhone app and be sure to check their old app and new website!

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