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Product Design

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Heuristic assessment and strategy.

The Product

The TravelSupermarket app provides easy access to booking flights, travel, and accommodation. This is a large London-based UK company, related to an even larger and well-known company in the country: MoneySupermarket.

Both companies earn their revenue through affiliate links (CPC/CPM/etc).

The Problem

The TravelSupermarket app had millions of users, however, due to the nature of travel, these users would install the app, make their bookings, and uninstall after the travel is complete.

For TravelSupermarket, the fact users uninstalled the app after the travel and didn’t open it during their travel meant their customers were being underserved. Their desire was to become a central part of the travel experience: before, during, and after.

My Role

My role included: A) Provide an expert assessment of the current app and mobile website; B) Provide an accessibility review and recommendations for the mobile app in the form of guidelines (the start of my iOS Accessibility book); C) Market, user research and competitor benchmarking;

The Team

I worked with iOS developers, project manager, head of UX, and other supporting staff.

The Outcome

My job was quite simple and focused on research and recommendations. The team was happy and used my work to inform the development of the TravelSupermarket app.

Key Learnings

Better understanding of user behaviour in travel, the players, revenue models

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